CCTV for drains
CCTV of drains

A drain survey is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system, using high-tech CCTV cameras which are inserted into your drains. These drainage cameras send a live-feed back to us, letting your drainage engineer get a good view into your drains so they can identify any issues that might be present.

If you're moving into a new property, or building an extension to your home or have problems with your drains, it's a good idea to get a professional drain survey done.
CCTV drain surveys, whether they are for residential or commercial properties, are the perfect way to find the reasons for your drainage problem quickly and accurately.
Our drain cameras can identify structural issues such as collapsed drains, root ingress, pipe scale, cracked or broken drains, incorrect installation, blockages and displaced joints.

Home buyers Drain Survey
Drain surveys are one of the most important things to do before buying your new home.
Unfortunately, some homebuyers only find out their drains have structural defects once they've moved in and then have to pay out for repairs.
A pre-purchase drain survey can spot any potential problems before they appear, giving the buyer, the opportunity to negotiate with the seller or even pull out of the purchase.

CCTV of drains

In conjunction with CCTV Surveys we can provide electronic drain tracking. A transponder is sent through the drain transmitting a signal as it travels. The exact course of the drain can then be pinpointed at ground level without the need to dig up an area.