Drain Unblocking & High Pressure Water Jetting

There is no doubt that blocked drains are a huge inconvenience. However, if they are dealt with early enough, they are usually quick and easy to fix. Timely drain unblocking also helps to prevent the occurrence of leaks or any other future damage.

There are several causes of blocked drains. The most common ones relate to the build-up of silt, sewage, and general debris in water pipes.

Fat and grease washed down the kitchen sink is one of the primary causes of blocked drains, because the thick substances stick to the pipe walls and build up over time, eventually constricting the water flow to the point that nothing can pass through.

Natural debris like leaves and twigs can be a disaster for outside drains, especially in the autumn and winter. While maintenance is advisable to prevent drains becoming blocked, sometimes it is unavoidable, and the drain becomes clogged, needing more specialist attention.

Tree roots can be another nuisance for drains, as they tend to grow in search of water, which of course drains provide in abundance. Once there, they not only block the drain, but can damage and crack pipes, leading to much more severe problems and costly repairs.

Most blocked drains are cleared within 1 hour and it’s usually done with high pressure water jetting. This ensures that not only is the drain unblocked but it’s also clear of any debris that may cause a future blockage.

Once the drain is cleared we follow up with a quick check with a CCTV camera. This will confirm the condition of the drains and make sure they won’t block again, all at no extra charge!

If we find there is an underlying problem we will record videos, take photos and produce a fully illustrated report with recommendations etc – If it’s something we feel could be claimed on your building insurance we offer a free of charge claims management service – taking the stress of dealing with your insurance away!